1st tech stack (Angular and Firebase) launched in beta with an early adopter 50% discount for the premium upgrade.
Expect changes and improvements as we stabilise this tech stack.

For solo devs and very small teams

Learn and build full-stack
with curated tech stacks

Go from 0 to 100 with base templates, example apps and in-depth patterns.
Cut through the messy world of web dev
It's daunting. A million ways to do things, and a million ways for things to go wrong. We do the research, assembly, testing and put together the solid foundations for you. So you can reduce analysis paralysis and be more intentional and productive.
After a few years of experience you want to level up
Do you feel a bit stuck? Enhance your skillset and learn using example apps that showcase a tech stack end-to-end, with patterns and comprehensive learning content. You'll benefit the most if you have a few years of experience, and some familiarity with the technologies used.
Take your project from 0 to 100
Trouble getting started? Go through the exponential levels of a project's development. Get up and running with the base template (0 to 1). Then learn how to build a simple example app (1 to 10). Then build something more substantial with in-depth patterns (10 to 100).
For all kinds of web apps
Web development is not just for SaaS products. From simple CRUD apps to something more complex, build full progressive web apps (PWAs), prototypes, internal tools, side projects, and get your ideas off the ground 🚀
End-to-end and broad spectrum
From the data store to the UI library, from the initial template to deploy, each tech stack covers a broad spectrum of full-stack development.
Pragmatic and high quality
We focus on what works best for solo devs and very small teams whilst maintaining a high level of quality and strong foundations.

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How does it work?

What you can expect from FullStacksDev

Curated tech stack =
→ base template (free) +
→ simple example app +
→ patterns example app +
→ with extensive learning content +
→ validated by real-world projects
Consistent approach
Each tech stack has a base template to get you started, and then example apps with extensive learning content to showcase the capabilities and provide you with opinionated patterns and practices.
Driven by real-world projects
We use the tech stacks ourselves to build real-world projects, and we share the learnings and patterns with you.
Modern techniques and latest tech
We aim to use modern techniques and keep up to date with the latest developments in each technology and service.
All code and learning content on GitHub
We use GitHub for all code and learning content, making it easier to update the code and content in sync, and see what has changed over time.
Multiple tech stacks (future)
Each with a focused set of technologies that work well together and patterns that work effectively within that stack. Starting with Angular and Firebase.
Start with one, master it, then learn more
We encourage folks to become very familiar with 2-3 tech stacks over time so you can benefit from the different approaches and gain a broad set of full-stack skills.

Tech stack 1

Angular and Firebase

Build full-stack Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with modern Angular and Firebase features. Plus NgRx SignalStore, Angular Material, Tailwind CSS, and more.

Access now (in beta): base template and simple example app
Coming soon: patterns example app (in development)

Base template (free)

An opinionated but lean full-stack starting point for building a web app, using Angular and Firebase. Aiming to be useful enough so you can hit the ground running and focus on stuff that matters. With enough room for you to extend as you need.

Simple example app

A simple logbook app — keep a single time-ordered log of text entries. With a basic UI, data model and persistence into a database, with real-time updates. Focused on showcasing and learning the tech stack. Built from the base template.

Patterns example app

[Coming soon — in progress] A dedicated place for showcasing even more in-depth capabilities and patterns to bring out the best in this tech stack. Built from the base template.

Real-world projects

[Coming soon] We'll provide more details on the real-world projects that have driven and validated this tech stack.
Future tech stacks may include technologies like: Nuxt, Astro, Ruby on Rails, Supabase, Cloudflare, etc.

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How much will it cost me?

Free and premium content

Free base template
Get started with a free base template per tech stack, with comprehensive set up, architecture and design decisions documentation.
Go premium
Upgrade to premium when you're ready for the example apps. With a one-off charge per tech stack: $299 ($149 early adopter price).
Extensive learning content
Each example app comes with extensive learning content covering the patterns, architecture decisions, design decisions, data models, tech stack capabilities and overall learnings.
Access to discussions on GitHub
Discuss the tech stack, example apps and patterns with us and other developers on GitHub.
Lifetime access
Learn at your own pace and come back to the code and learning content whenever you need to.
Support the project
Your support helps us maintain and improve the project. We want this to still exist and be thriving in 20 years time.
Go premium


Start out with free content and go premium when you're ready for the example apps


Get up and running for free


  • All base templates
  • With comprehensive set up, architecture and design decisions documentation


Per tech stack
Pay a one-off fee per tech stack to access the example apps and discussions



  • + local taxes
  • Early adopter price for the 1st tech stack (whilst in beta, until stable release)
  • Access the example apps with extensive learning content
  • Access discussions on GitHub
  • Lifetime access


Need hands on development or training?

From $1000 per day

  • Get in touch
  • We can discuss your needs and work out a custom solution based on our tech stacks

Frequently asked questions

The base template for each tech stack is free to use as you wish, and comes with comprehensive set up, architecture and design decisions documentation. The paid premium upgrade for a tech stack gives you access to the simple and patterns example apps for that tech stack, which come with extensive learning content, with lifetime access. You also get access to discussions on GitHub (for that specific tech stack).
All the premium content is on GitHub, in private repositories. As part of your purchase you'll be asked for your GitHub username, which we'll use to give you access to the relevant repositories on GitHub. This is currently a manual process so please be patient — we aim to give you access within 48 hours of your purchase.
Starter kits usually come with bells and whistles and allow you to quickly get something up and running. Whilst this allows you to ship something quickly, it may then be difficult to extend / modify as your product evolves, or to debug when things go wrong. We take both a pragmatic and educational approach, focused on learning and understanding a very particular tech stack that we've curated for you, with a lean base template to get you up and running, and then simple and patterns example apps, with extensive learning content. This should provide you with more foundational tools and knowledge to build your next web app.
No. The base templates are licensed under an open source license, but the example apps and learning content are proprietary and closed source, as they make up the paid premium upgrade.
We believe that the value you get from the premium content is more than worth the price. And we hope this compares well with other high end learning content out there. We have spent many months on each tech stack, and want to make sure we can maintain and improve the project over time.
No, it's a one-off charge per tech stack. You get lifetime access to the premium content for that tech stack, including any future updates.
A tech stack is in a "beta" status whilst we flesh out the base template and example apps, bringing it all to a stable state for production use and with extensive learning content. During this time, expect changes and improvements, with a significantly reduced "early adopter" premium upgrade price for folks that want to get on board early and provide feedback as it develops.
Once a tech stack is fully ready and the learning content is complete, we'll release the tech stack in a "stable" status, and its premium upgrade will increase to the full price. We'll give you at least a months notice before this happens. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter (towards the top of this page) to stay informed.
You are allowed to use the premium code and learning content for your own projects, personal or commercial. You are not allowed to share or redistribute this premium code or learning content in any form, or use it to create a similar product or service. Please see the terms (https://fullstacks.dev/terms) for more details.
When in beta status, a tech stack is expected to be developed and updated frequently, likely with feedback from the community. Once stable and officially released we expect minimal changes, but may improve existing patterns and solutions as we learn more. We will do our best to keep the tech stack updated and fully functional over time — mainly to update dependencies and fix breaking changes. As technologies and services improve we may bring in new capabilities and patterns to the base template and example apps over time, depending on priorities and demand.
We're starting with a first tech stack — Angular and Firebase, focusing on getting it to a stable state with highly compelling example apps and learning content. We have plans for more tech stacks in the future, but can't say how many exactly. Especially as we have high standards for each, which takes substantial time and effort to get right. Additionally, we prefer to validate each tech stack through real-world projects before releasing them fully.
No, you'll need to pay for each tech stack separately. Each takes substantial effort to develop and get right, and we believe each has its own value and should be considered on its own merits.
Possibly, but we'll aim to use different and complementary technologies in each tech stack, to avoid duplication and to cover a broad spectrum of full-stack development, whilst keeping all tech stacks as consistent as possible (with functionally same example apps). We'll only reuse certain technologies and services across tech stacks where it makes sense, and will aim to use it in a different or more advanced way. So if you pay for multiple tech stacks with some overlap you'll still be learning new things.
Not necessarily. This will depend on the complexity and capabilities of each tech stack. However, we will aim to only have a couple of price bands.
We use the tech stacks ourselves to build real-world projects, often pulling them out from real-world implementations and experiences. We wrap up these learnings and patterns into the base template and example apps (with extensive learning content) so you can benefit from the experience and expertise. Note that these real-world projects can be open or closed projects and are not included in the premium content. They are just there to show real-world usage and validation of the tech stack (where possible). We'll share links to them so you can see them in action.
Sure! Please get in touch with us at hello@fullstacks.dev and let us know what you're thinking. We can't promise anything, but we'll consider all suggestions.
Please contact us at hello@fullstacks.dev for any support queries.
If your feedback is about a specific part of a tech stack (e.g. the base template), and you're happy leaving public feedback, then please raise an issue on the relevant GitHub repo. Otherwise contact us at hello@fullstacks.dev.
About this project

Why does FullStacksDev exist?

Photo of Jits
FullStacksDev is built and maintained by Jits, a full-stack developer with over 20 years of experience, in multiple domains.

I've worked on consumer products, tools for scientists, a PaaS, data registries, portals, internal tools, mobile game servers, etc. etc. and have seen over two decades worth of web technologies and development practices come and go.

My sincere hope is to make building full-stack applications — and keeping up to date with the latest technologies — less daunting and maybe even enjoyable. I'd like to do this by providing you with high quality content, tangible code, patterns, and practices to build on top of, with plenty of room for you to express yourself.

Ultimately, through FullStacksDev, I hope you find joy in building web apps end-to-end and make your ideas come to life.

What drives our decision making?

Focus on solo devs and very small teams
Be pragmatic and opinionated within reason
Always bet on open source and the web
Bring out the strengths of each technology
Contribute improvements upstream
Avoid endless debates and bikeshedding